“Luckily the homeowner also had a firearm to defend himself and his family.”

Self-defense: South African Editition NEWSFLASH: Suspected robber shot dead in Faerie Glen | Rekord East

A couple of armed miscreants jump a fence.

“The people living in the house were taken by surprise by apparently two armed men. They were [grilling] outside when the suspects jumped over the fence,” said [Riaan] Volschenk [from GCS Security]

(Editor’s note. I don’t usually edit quotes except to better identify folks I’m quoting, but I figure most people wouldn’t know braaiing means grilling meat. For more context, GCS Security is private, armed-response in the Pretoria, South Africa region. Z-Deb)

A 28-year-old in the home was shot in the arm, and transported to a local hospital.

The quote in the title to this post is also from the GCS Security guy, Volschenk. GCS was first on the scene.

The rest of the investigation has to wait on police.