I Thought That Cooperation Was the Key to Safety

Violent criminals don’t stop being violent criminals because you are cowering in fear. Police: Store clerk shot after giving cash to robber in NE Houston | abc13.com

The suspect demanded money, and when he was given the cash, he opened fire on the clerk.

Giving bad guys “what they want” is not a guarantee of safety; it is a strategy for dealing with violent criminals. A strategy that sadly has a lot of flaws.

A gun in the hands of this clerk or in the hands of one of the customers in the store may not have changed the outcome. There are no guarantees in this life.


One thought on “I Thought That Cooperation Was the Key to Safety

  1. 25 years ago, a guy I worked with went to Orlando to see a the Orlando Magic play a night game. On the way out, he was held up at gunpoint by a “youf”. The guy gave the youf his wallet, for which he received a bullet. IIRC correctly, it damaged his kidney and he was out of work for about six weeks, but he survived.

    I wasn’t carrying 25 years ago (it was just after Florida’s carry permits started in ’87) but I learned his lesson. Giving them what they want doesn’t guarantee anything other than that you gave them what they asked for. You’re betting that someone who has already violated “the social contract” – the social norms of a civil society – is going hold to another one. Seems like a stupid bet.

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