It Isn’t the “thing” that is responsible

The UK has been fighting a crime war, but they seem to be ignoring the criminals. Now they are considering licensing drain-cleaner, because it is hazardous. Acid Attacks On The Rise In The U.K.

But even their own “experts” (where would we be without experts?) say that is a losing battle.

British retailers are now talking about licensing the purchase of sulfuric acid. But criminologist Marian FitzGerald says criminals will just find another easily accessible weapon.

“The people that are actually using these readily available domestic pieces of equipment, in a premeditated way,” she says, “they are sufficiently canny that if there is pressure on one particular type of weapon, they will use another.”

But they never seem to talk about “getting tough on crime” or extended sentencing or anything about holding people responsible for their criminal actions. They will outlaw a substance – and make all of the law-abiding citizens’ lives harder – and in the end, accomplish nothing.

Just how bad is it?

Corrosive substances are increasingly used as weapons in the U.K., especially in London, which had more than 450 attacks in 2016.

The global pattern of acid attacks is that they are mostly against women and girls, but in the UK it is more about gang violence, and the victims are more likely to be men.

I expect to see that someday, the UK will restrict the purchase of cricket bats, and then they will outlaw the possession of rocks. In the meantime, they will continue to hand out “anti-social behavior tickets” (or whatever the hell they are called these days) ignore property crime, and sentence people to little or no time in jail.