Neighbors Were Shocked…

Apparently the homeowner who shot the bad-guy was not available for interview. Neighbors fearful after intruder shot, killed in East Columbus –, GA News Weather & Sports

The real story:

Investigators confirming to News Leader 9 a homeowner shot 23-year-old Derrick Cureton of Phenix City. The homeowner, apparently defending themselves from the suspected intruder.

But all of the quotes are from a “scared” neighbor, who didn’t realize that break-ins could happen in their locale.

“That scares me. It scares me because a lot of people in this neighborhood are single parents,” said one concerned neighbor who asked us not identify her, for fear of being targeted.

Nothing has changed. She is just at risk today, as she was last week. She always lived in the Real World™, she just refused to face facts.


One thought on “Neighbors Were Shocked…

  1. Many, many people in the world don’t make their life decisions on the ‘possibilities’, they don’t even make them on the ‘probabilities’ because – like that woman – they are oblivious to both. Stupidity, or simple ignorance, IDK. Begs the next question; Will she actually do something to mitigate her risk, now that she’s had her nose rubbed in it? Again, IDK.

    My Dad (93) and I have have long agreed that if anything really bad ever happened, there wouldn’t even be enough help to pile the bodies into convenient heaps until the ‘authorities’ could send stake-bed trucks and front loaders around to gather them up for mass cremation.

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