NHS Patient Data Hacked

Because in 2017 companies and organizations still haven’t figured out how to implement security. Hacker claims to have stolen data on 1.2 million NHS patients | V3

But not to worry, the company that got hacked, SwiftQueue, says they didn’t have that much data. OK then. So only all the data you had got hacked. What a relief. Here, let’s give you more data. NOT.

SwiftQueue operates an appointment booking service for eight NHS Trusts; it also operates patient-operated check-in terminals in waiting rooms. After it discovered the breach, the company got in touch with the Metropolitan Police’s Cyber Crime unit.

It sure is a good thing that patient data is online and available for doctors and nurses and other hospital staff. Too bad that seems to mean it is also available to hackers.

If I had to guess… none of the data in question is encrypted, because that is hard. Sort of. There is no info on how the breach occurred. I wonder if the standard procedure in the UK is offer those whose data was hacked 2 years of credit monitoring services, as usually happens in this country. (Though I didn’t see anything about Chipotle Mexican Grill offering credit monitoring services after they got hacked.) My next guess is that this will have no impact on anyone at NHS or their contractor. Because bureaucracies look after their own.