His Night Didn’t Turn Out the Way He Planned It

So how would you respond to an uninvited visitor in your house at 4:30 in the morning? Arrest made after break-in at Dayton house | WDTN

Cops get a call around 4:30 AM for a burglary in progress. A homeowner says he heard noises and eventually saw someone with a flashlight in his hallway. He “shot at” the intruder.

In the usual way, the reporter has no concept (and doesn’t appear interested in learning) of where a CCW license applies (in public) and where it doesn’t (at home).

The homeowner, who had a CCW permit, fired his gun at the suspect.

The suspect left and dropped a cell phone inside the house.

Whether or not he had a CCW permit while he was standing in his own home, is irrelevant. Not that reporters understand anything about anything, usually.

Cops arrested the would-be bad-guy after a short search, and he was booked on charges of burglary, and aggravated burglary.

At that point the information becomes cloudy. There was a guy found near the home with a gunshot wound to the leg, but authorities haven’t said if the wounded guy is the guy they arrested for the home invasion or not.

For all the years I have been doing this (the original blog – now the Archives – started in 2004), I am always and continuously amazed at the lack of understanding, on the part of reporters, when it comes to issues of guns, concealed carry, and self-defense. If it wasn’t in a Brady Bunch memo, then they never considered it.

One thought on “His Night Didn’t Turn Out the Way He Planned It

  1. A comment I left at the original article:

    You DO know (I hope) that you don’t a concealed carry license to possess and use a gun in your own home for self-defense, don’t you? I mean a reporter in a state that has CCW, and is covering an act of (what looks like) lawful self-defense would certainly be familiar with the laws of that state.

    Otherwise you look like a misinformed fool.

    Concealed carry licenses allow you to carry a concealed weapon in public – subject to restrictions, of course. While other laws dictate the use of firearms for self-defense in your home, it has nothing to do with CCW.


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