He Cooperated With Them. They Killed Him Anyway.

And what the hell is a “.22-caliber assault pistol?” One arrested, another at large in ‘cowardly’ killing at convenience store

“Some people put way too low of a value on the lives both of the victims and the families that they disrupt by doing things like this,” [Madera County Sheriff Jay] Varney said. “I think this was a pretty cowardly act for this person to do that on the way out the door after the clerk had done everything to comply with their needs to take someone else’s property.”

He got the first part exactly right. Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you do, or do not do. They don’t suddenly develop a sense of the value of human life, because you are cooperating.

Most corporations like to ignore this fact and pretend that if you cooperate, you will be safe. That is a strategy, not a guarantee. But the corporations will keep you disarmed – for your own safety of course – while you are at work.

While this may have been a workable strategy 30 years ago, it is less of one today. Being armed for self-defense is another strategy. It is also not a guarantee. “There are on guarantees in this life save death and next winter’s snow.” But I think that relying on cooperation, as if it were a guarantee, is misguided.

Cops have arrested one guy, and are looking for a second suspect.

3 thoughts on “He Cooperated With Them. They Killed Him Anyway.

  1. Oh yeah, I almost forgot… When the guy was arrested he had an “unregistered .38-caliber revolver, a .22-caliber assault pistol that had been reported stolen.”

    My guess is they mean a semi-automatic .22 caliber target pistol. Describing it as an assault pistol is a new low for the media.


  2. Word is that the .22-caliber-assault pistol is the words chosen by the Sheriff’s office. What they could mean is anyone’s guess. (It is California it could be anything from a .22 long-rifle target pistol to and AR-15 (.223 is .22 caliber – sort of) pistol.


  3. We had a similar incident at a store that I shop at a few years ago. The thug turned to leave, turned back and shot the lady clerk in the head. Captured on video tape. He is put away for life now. Should have been fried.


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