CES: Robotics Have a Way To Go

One of the main attractions of CES was supposed to be the cool robot tech. But… The robots of CES are a joke

The best summary comes from a photo caption.

Solving all kinds of nonexistent problems, poorly.

As for the solution looking for a problem, consider FoldiMate, a $980 robot that is supposed to fold your laundry. It got jammed by a long-sleeve shirt. (It is due in 2019, so they still have time.) Is folding laundry really a 1000 dollar problem? Now if it would do the laundry, and then fold it, clean the house, etc… The various “personal assistants” that look like rolling Alexa or Siri. Even some of the “established” robots had issues.

The Sony Aibo wasn’t much better. The $2,000 internet-connected robotic dog is undeniably cute (if you’re into that kind of thing), but even with all the tech that its hefty price tag implies, it straight up ignored Sony CEO Kaz Hirai during a press event. It later struggled to play fetch. One thing it can do reliably? Cost you a $25-per-month fee required for it to work.

One of the other trends at CES… Sleeping through CES.