“Dress around the gun” – either the best or worst advice

via Dress around the gun | Cornered Cat

If it comes from someone who is looking sharp, you can agree – OK, maybe that could work.

But that same sentence sure can be a deal killer when it comes from Tactical Dude or Dudette wearing pants with more pockets than a kangaroo convention.

And it sounds even less enticing when it comes from an unkempt person wearing a fishing vest over a stained tee shirt.

I don’t suppose anything will keep (well intentioned – or just clueless) guys from giving that advice to women. Usually from behind the fishing vest/stained tee-shirt.

One thought on ““Dress around the gun” – either the best or worst advice

  1. IF you aren’t reading the Scratching Post at Cornered Cat, you should be. Kathy Jackson isn’t the most active blogger on the internet, but when she writes something, it is almost always interesting.


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