Chicago/Cook County Won’t Keep Bad Guys in Jail

JusticeNo matter how many times they jump bail, or commit crimes. CWB Chicago: Another Boystown Menace Charged With Armed Robbery

Despite the facts that [the guy arrested for armed-robbery] is charged a Class X violent crime; that he has a pending court case for sale or possession of a weapon; and the fact that he has previously jumped bail on an assault charge, Cook County Judge Stephanie Miller ordered him released on electronic monitoring with a $50,000 recognizance bond.

If the there is no penalty for crime, you will get more crime. Now for things he is charged with, but not convicted, you can make a case. But jumping bail on an assault charge should have some sort of penalty.

I will believe Chicago and Cook County and Illinois are serious about stopping crime when this kind of thing comes to an end. The cops arrest people, and the courts put them right back on the street. Then they blame a gun for the crimes that the people commit.