Police Departments All Over America Are Finally Ready for 1991

I have seen this same press release, masquerading as a news article, about departments in Minnesota, and elsewhere. Now we have Massachusetts. Burlington Police Department transitions to 911 wireless direct

Handheld mobile phones started being commercially available in 1973, but they didn’t make a big impact until 1991 when Generation 2 technology became available. It was in the 1990s that everyone ditched their pagers in favor of cellular phones. But police departments ignored the new technology for decades. Even last year Cincinnati was using cellphones as an excuse for why they were having trouble with 911 calls.

So after 25 years – or more – of ignoring the fact that people have cellphones, and are going to want to use them call for help, cities and states think it is newsworthy that they are doing such a great job to be ready for 1995. Good job guys. I suppose it will take another 25 years for me to be able to send a text message.