Prosecutors Really Do Hate Self-defense

JusticeWe should rely on the state for everything. Individual responsibility? Individual action? We can’t have that! Jury acquits man who shot girlfriend’s husband who attacked him

The prosecutor admitted that the guy who got shot attacked the guy who did the shooting, but maintained the injuries weren’t severe enough to warrant shooting.

The defense said the rules of self-defense don’t require those accused to wait to be seriously injured before defending themselves.

So self-defense is legal in South Dakota, in spite of what the government lawyers want.


2 thoughts on “Prosecutors Really Do Hate Self-defense

  1. Prosecutors need to eat as well. A clever prosecutor can milk a few criminals for years of employment. If crime actually decreased, they might lose their job.


    • Actually prosecutors want to win. They don’t care about criminals. They sure as hell don’t care about Justice. They want to win. They want to appear to be “tough on crime” so they can run for governor. Or whatever.


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