The Media Can’t Handle the Cold in South Korea

It’s been about -10 degrees Fahrenheit at the Winter Olympics, and the media is freaking out. For the Winter Olympics, it should be cold. But THIS cold? | Fox News

The competition is taking place in Pyeongchang, in South Korea, where temperatures have plummeted to -23 degrees Celsius over the last week. The U.K.-based Sun said the intense cold has caused BBC electronic equipment to fail.

Electronic equipment shouldn’t fail at minus 10 degrees. Though you might have trouble with diesel generators.

The strangest thing is the makeup. They are shocked to discover that water-based anything will freeze in temperatures that low. Next time around they should contract with news outlets from Chicago, Minneapolis, Green Bay and other places that are used to those conditions.

In South Korea, host of the games that started this week, it’s been so chilling, in fact, that according to some reports, TV presenters are struggling to talk after their water-based TV makeup froze to their faces,. According to The Sun, the weather at the games is said to be the coldest in more than 20 years.

I blame global warming.

But seriously, shouldn’t SOMEBODY have looked into the conditions that would prevail, and then consider will all of our normal stuff work in that environment? Apparently nobody did.

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