SUE The T. Rex Gets a Makeover

SUE is the largest, most complete skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex ever recovered. The skeleton is exhibited at Chicago’s Field Museum. SUE The T. Rex Says Goodbye To Her Skull « CBS Chicago

“You don’t often get a second shot of mounting a dinosaur, but this time around, we are going to add in the so-called ‘belly ribs.’”

Simpson says they are able to do so because scientists have only recently learned how to position them.

They are also taking the opportunity to move SUE to her dedicated exhibit hall. (Currently SUE is in the main entrance hall.)

I’ve only seen SUE one time, as she was added to the collection of Chicago’s Field Museum sometime in 2000. She wasn’t there when I endured several field trips in elementary school. (I always thought that the Aquarium, Planetarium, and the Museum of Science and Industry were more fun.)

Actually, her real skull is on display separately. What they removed was an copy of her skull.

SUE’s real skull, weighing 600 pounds, is still on display on the second floor of the museum. The head is separated from its body not because of weight concerns, as the sign for it says, but because “it is the most studied part of the skeleton.”

SUE – named after Sue Hendrickson, the paleontologist who discovered the skeleton – made a memorable appearance in one of The Dresden Files novels, Dead Beat.