Chicago PD – Sanitizing Personnel Records for Lawsuits

I can’t use the quote from Casablanca twice in 2 posts. But it does apply. Lawyers insist city ‘play by the rules’ as evidence again surfaces before trial | Chicago Sun-Times

So lawyers who are suing the Chicago PD requested and were given personnel files in 2016. But just last week they were given the “unit files.”

Then on Friday, they say the city coughed up what it referred to as “unit files” for those officers. They said the so-called “unit files” wound up being filled with the kind of information one would expect to see in a personnel file. U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly ordered the officers’ personnel files turned over in January 2016, and the city now allegedly “concedes that it should have produced these files.

The city (and the PD) have been perpetrating a sham on lawyers and courts. Why? Because they thought they could get away with it.

The new documents allegedly show that two officers named in the Simmons lawsuit — John O’Keefe and John Wrigley — were stripped of their police powers in April 2016 after being caught justifying an arrest with false claims that are similar to claims made in the Simmons case. The Bureau of Internal Affairs allegedly sought the officers’ firings after determining they lied under oath at a criminal trial.

Meanwhile, during their depositions, the officers allegedly lied about their discipline history and concealed the fact that they had been stripped of their police powers.

So. Not turning records over in accordance with court order. That is the department, not 2 guys having a bad day. Lying under oath. (Maybe.) Why? Because they thought they could get away with it. (Maybe they have in the past.)

And if IA wants you fired, and you’re not fired, exactly what is IA’s purpose? And who wants lying cops on the job? (At a guess, the union.) Chicago. Criminal. Justice System.