More on Chicago’s Continuing Crime Problem

There is a problem in Cook County when it comes to keeping the really bad guys off the street. (See also the previous posting, on the nature of charges brought.) Dart warns of ‘dramatic increase’ in people charged with gun crimes released on electronic monitors – Chicago Tribune

There was an effort in the Cook County courts to not hold people on bail just because they were poor and couldn’t afford the cash bond. It was supposed to be directed at non-violent offenders. Which is probably a good idea, but then you asked a government bureaucracy to change they way they are doing things, and you are shocked that it isn’t working out.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says hundreds of people charged with gun crimes have been released from the County Jail on electronic bracelets in recent months as a result of attempts at bond reform, raising public safety concerns.

Gun crimes would seem to be the exact opposite of non-violent crimes, yet these are the people released to electronic monitoring. Oh, and so many people were added to the program, there weren’t enough employees doing the monitoring.

If there is no penalty for crime, you will see more crime.