How often do you see the word “Riverine” used in a sentence?

The spell-checker on my browser doesn’t even recognize it. Riverine chase after man killed, burned in remote treehouse –

I also am intrigued by the fact that in Seattle, crimes actually occur in treehouses.

A shooting at a rural Pierce County treehouse left a man dead, a woman shot and their suspected assailant captured after being spotted fleeing down the Carbon River.

When I was living on a boat, one of the books on my reading list (though I never got to it) was Riverine: Brown Water Sailor in the Delta 1967 by Don Sheppard. It is supposed to be a great view of the operations of the brown-water navy during Vietnam. (The navy has recently – well in the last 10 years or so – reconstituted a brown-water force based on the experience in Vietnam, known as the Coastal Riverine Force.)

For those not in the know: Brown-water is coastal, from run off of rivers. Blue-water is open ocean.

This is apropos of nothing, as the song goes. It might give you an idea of the pinball machine that is my mind.