Fake News – Canadian Edition

What happens when a state-run media organization decides to push an agenda instead of reporting the facts? CBC pushes fake news to spur a racial divide. [CBC=Canadian Broadcasting Corporation]

It isn’t just the US media that is being run by the SJWs pushing an agenda. In this case to promote hate.

This story, which aired on CBC’s The National – Canada’s third most watched national newscast – and was aired on the much more listened to World at Six radio program was so riddled with holes that it had to be be corrected multiple times on the web and now the state broadcaster will air brief corrections. The full excuse, including blaming the Mounties for shoddy journalism, is down at the bottom of this article.

Journalism has stopped being about reporting facts, and is all about pushing a Leftist agenda and narrative. In the case of Gerald Stanley, who was acquitted of defending himself on his own land, the Left would like this to be all about racism, but the details of the case didn’t support that. Instead of reporting facts the CBC ignored the details and broadcast a load of crap. (Hat tip to Small Dead Animals.)