Google is Finding New Ways to Screw with the Right. Or at Least with Me

I used to get a fair percentage of my monthly visitors to this blog, through web searches on “357 stopping power.” Early on, I got so many visitors looking for that information that I added the page they were looking for. 357 Magnum Ballistic Information. (OK, it isn’t the greatest.)

But lately, since Google/Alphabet along with Facebook and Twitter started their collective war against anyone they disagree with, those people are no longer getting sent to my site.

I’m sure they are finding what they need, but the information isn’t tied to a site that has information on the political insanity of the Left, a collection of posts on how guns are used every week in lawful self-defense, and random attacks on the idea of socialized medicine.

In a world where bakers are compelled to bake cakes they feel violate their religious convictions, why do the internet companies get to discriminate against political opinions they don’t like?


One thought on “Google is Finding New Ways to Screw with the Right. Or at Least with Me

  1. Why are they allowed to choose their customers? Because they are liberals – just like a Muslim truck driver can’t be forced to deliver beer, but a Christian florist, baker, or photographer can be forced to support gay weddings.
    Liberal don’t actually care about their chosen subject groups – they care about punishing those who don’t agree with or support them.


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