About That Surge in Knife-crime Happening in London

London’s crime problem has been much in the news this year. It is almost as if there has been a major change in the population in the past few years. London surgeon treating children in uniform for gun and knife wounds | Daily Mail Online

Martin Griffiths, a lead surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust, said children as young as 13 years old being are being admitted for life-threatening wounds daily.

Griffiths said colleagues who served in the military likened their work at the London hospital to being back at Camp Bastion, the British Forces base in war-torn Afghanistan.

While stab wounds are in the lead, gunshot wounds are also a problem.

The best statistics on UK Crime are from October last year – they don’t report on a calendar-year basis, so the updated report is at least 6 months away. The graphs at that link tell an interesting story of increasing gun and knife crime. And remember, the UK has pretty much outlawed all handguns, and instituted draconian knife-control. I suppose they are shocked to learn that criminals don’t obey the law.

In February, London’s murder rates beat out New York City’s for the first time ever.

Drive-by shootings. Gang violence. (I generally like the coverage of the London Telegraph better, but this story is behind a pesky paywall.)


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