How Should an 84-yr-old Man Defend Himself From Multiple Intruders?

If not with a firearm? ‘I just fired one’: 84-year-old man shoots, kills home intruder | WPXI

An elderly man shot and killed one of two intruders at his home early Friday morning in Ellport, Lawrence County, police sa

The bullet went through the first guy. Since police couldn’t find it, they are guessing the 2nd guy got shot. After the first guy rolled over and died, the second guy ran like a rabbit. In the interview he says he shot them with a .380 Taurus. I know people love-to-hate the .380 ACP, but it got the job done.

Video of the interview with the old-guy can be found at this link.

The funny part of the interview is when the reporter asks him “How do you feel now?” You can see that she was hoping for a weepy answer that included words like “sad” or “shaken,” but what he told her was he was a little sore from scuffling on the floor with the 2 miscreants. An old vet, who gave up hunting “about 5 years ago” isn’t going to give you a weepy, millennial-style answer.

Self-defense is a human-right.