He Thought He Was a Tough Guy. But in the End, She Was Tougher.

He had made threats earlier in the day. Then he decided it would be a good idea to get a shotgun and break into their home. Man with shotgun forces his way into home. But homeowner’s girlfriend arms herself, makes him pay.

When he opened the door a crack, in response to a knock, two men in masks (at least 1 armed) barged in. The homeowner then engaged in a struggle with the guy who had the shotgun on the living room floor.

And with that, Mueller said Anthony’s girlfriend got another gun — WSPA described it as a 9 mm — and fatally shot Alley as the second intruder ran off and is still at large, the station said.

The 2nd guy took off running. And they believe there was a woman there as well.

Defense of self – or of a family member/loved-one – is a human-right.