Newsflash: NPR Doesn’t Like Armed Self-defense

I’m shocked – Shocked! – to discover that a Leftist “news” organization doesn’t like guns and gun owners. How Often Do People Use Guns In Self-Defense? : NPR. OK, I’m not that shocked.

They bemoan the fact that there are not good statistics, and they ignore – or gloss over – one of the largest groups of armed self-defense categories. The one that never makes the news, because no one got shot. The case where the would-be bad guy ran like a rabbit when he realized he had suffered a breakdown of the victim-selection process.

The category the do manage to COMPLETELY ignore, is the change in behavior caused by the knowledge that some of their would-be targets could be armed.

I could point to the way burglars in the UK don’t bother to check to see if anyone is home, because they know no one will be armed. I could point to the shift seen in Florida after the institution of SHALL ISSUE concealed carry where robbery decreased and property crime (stealing cars, stealing from cars, stealing for unoccupied dwellings, etc.) increased. Because the bad guys got the message that some robbery victims would be armed.

But these kinds of issues are not of interest to the “journalists” at NPR, because they are not really interested in anything but promoting the anti-gun agenda.

There was a time when I gave large amounts of cash to NPR every year. But that is decades ago now. They are so far to the Left they can’t see the center from where they are.