Survey on Gun Culture From the (incredibly biased) Boston University

Too many questions that could lead to identification make actually taking the survey a problem Atrocious Study of Social Gun Culture Undermines Credibility of Public Health Research on Guns ‹ Gun Culture 2.0

In the first place, the study purports to be “designed to understand social gun culture among adult US residents (citizens and non-citizens) who currently use social media.” But few of the 77 total questions ask about participation in social gun culture.

The principal investigator is somewhat more honest in the flier put together to publicize the study, which makes clear the primary interest is in gun violence and gun control, not gun culture.

Which is fine, but don’t pretend you are studying something you are not.

As David Yamane mentions, the survey is poorly written and contains spelling errors. (Some that a decent spell-checker could have found.)

The actual survey can be found at this link. As I mentioned there are enough questions about identity, that it could cause some to not want to answer. I suggest use of a VPN (but I suggest use of the VPN always) and maybe fudging a few of those answers to remain anonymous. But then I subscribe to the Mike Royko school of survey questions – lie.

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  1. I live in Wyoming, and answered it honestly. OK maybe I did tweak the answers a bit.


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