Knowing Someone Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Be a Threat

JusticeThe Left loves to quote (dubious) statistics about how a gun is likely to shoot or kill someone you know. (“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”) Homeowner cleared in death probe | Crime |

Kathy Jackson of A Cornered Cat started this discussion back in January, by noting that women will often need to defend themselves against someone they know, or at least have met. (See below.) This story is one of those times.

A woman who told authorities she was trying to protect herself from her former [employer] when he was killed has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

(Editor’s Note: This story confuses employee and employer. Checking other sources confirm he was a former boss.)

He broke in, started a fire, and attacked Trisha Henry, or he tried to attack her. Her 3 kids were in the home at the time. She got them out first. When he followed her into her bedroom, she picked up a gun and shot him.

All this took place in December of last year, but the Grand Jury just decided not to indict. You would think the DA could have made that call, but some like to do everything through the Grand Jury.

The Left loves to say that having a gun will kill someone you know, but as Kathy Jackson pointed out, a lot the threats in a woman’s life will be someone they know, at least a little.

The dirty little secret about women’s self defense is that women will more often need to defend themselves from people they’ve met – skeevy neighbors, violent exes, nasty stalkers who happen to be formerly sane roommates – than they will from people they’ve never seen before.

So when someone tries to convince you that owning a gun is a bad idea because it might get used against someone you know, remember this dirty little secret.

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