Self-driving Car Hits Firetruck

If you can’t detect a big red truck with lights and sirens… Tesla’s Autopilot was engaged during Utah crash

  • The driver of a Tesla electric car that hit a Utah fire department vehicle said the car’s semi-autonomous Autopilot mode was engaged at the time of the crash.
  • Tesla’s Elon Musk said it was “super messed up” that an incident involving his company was receiving significant attention, while thousands of auto accidents a year are regularly ignored.

Because Tesla should only get good publicity.

Not only was the autopilot engaged, but it did not appear to slow down or apply the brakes before the crash.


One thought on “Self-driving Car Hits Firetruck

  1. No big deal. *That I know of*, a friend and his wrecker towed the remains of vehicles that hit three marked police cars (two with lights and sirens on at the time), two ambulances (same), and at least three school buses, which have flashing strobe lights on top and on the rear bumper, locally. That was over a 10-year period. And he was one of half a dozen towing services in the police rotation… and not all of the services were signed up.

    I’d guess the Tesla’s autpilot is at least as competent as “the average driver.” Who is a rolling menace, but that’s a different rant…

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