Why Was This Guy Not in Jail?

JusticeThis is more detail on a self-defense story from Monday. Man killed in Trinity home invasion identified

The man Decatur police say was killed during a weekend home invasion in Trinity Sunday had been arrested just a couple of days before that on kidnapping and domestic violence charges, jail records show.

Kidnapping and domestic violence and that is not enough to keep him in jail. What? Did he not know that kidnapping was a vile, illegal act?

Huntsville police said Taylor was at work with a woman on May 5 and became angry about a text on her phone. He kicked and hit her and forced her into a car, police said.

Taylor drove west on Highway 72 and stopped around County Line Road, where he beat the woman with weapons, police said. He then began driving again and continued to beat her, police said. He left the woman in a hospital parking lot in Muscle Shoals.

The anti-gun crowd will blame his death on a firearm. I blame his death (and the injuries he caused before he was shot) on the courts. What does a criminal have to do, to prove he is a danger, and be held without bond? (Previous story at this link.)