I Can’t Wait Until We Have Socialized Medicine Like Canada

Because it sounds so great. Paramedics held hostage by hospitals: 37,000 hours spent waiting to transfer patients to ER | Ottawa Citizen

If an ambulance arrives at an Emergency Room, and the staff is overwhelmed, the ambulance crew have to continue to care for the injured party. And since there is a shortage of nurses and hospital beds in Ottawa, that can take a while.

Ottawa paramedics collectively spent more than 37,000 hours last year waiting to be released from various emergency rooms. That’s the equivalent to more than 1,500 days. The number is also up from 27,445 hours spent waiting in 2014.

That’s in 1 city. 1,500 days of ambulance/EMS worker time.

When there’s no nurse or bed available at hospitals, paramedics are left to take care of the patients they’ve picked up. “That’s not our responsibility,” Di Monte said. “What about the 65-year-old lady that slipped in her home and fractured her hip? She’s now waiting.”

Or the business exec who is having a heart attack…. He may be dying. In Ottawa’s case, it may be a government bureaucrat who is dying. (No tax-collector jokes, please.)

Various parts of the .gov are pointing fingers at each other. The Canadian federal .gov is helping out because apparently Ottawa (Canada’s Capital City) can’t manage to build or staff enough hospitals without help from the rest of the country. (One hospital was near 120% of capacity on several occasions, while 2 more were near 100%.

So why not build more to meet demand? More hospitals, or expand existing? Because the .gov has to decide! The Market cannot be allowed in this sensitive area of your life!

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