The Useless Nitwits at the UN Don’t Care About Sex Abuse

If they did, it would not be such a problem for so long. United Nations knew for over a decade about sex-for-food scandal | Daily Mail Online

The United Nations knew of charity workers offering refugees food in exchange for sexual favours for more than a decade, it has been revealed.

An 84-page report on ‘food-for-sex’ practices in West African refugee camps was compiled and handed over to the UN in 2002, but was never published.

It was never published because a group of unaccountable bureaucrats don’t have to answer to YOU. Or anyone for that matter.

It claims that workers at more than 40 aid organisations, of which 15 are major international charities including Save the Children and Médecins Sans Frontières, sexually exploited young refugees.

If you wanted some of the more nutritious food in some of the camps, then you had to arrange for sex with some of the charity staff, or they would watch you starve.

So is it charity or blackmail? And will anyone be held accountable? (My guess is that not one person at a charity or at the UN will pay any price for this behavior.)