Bug or Feature? Facebook Made Your Life Public in May

Privacy is such a 20th Century concept. Facebook bug switched as many as 14 million users’ privacy settings to ‘public’

Facebook Inc. had a software bug for 10 days in May that set the audience for people’s posts to “public,” even if they had intended to share those posts with only friends or an even smaller audience.

So no one noticed a bug for 10 days. Did anyone test? (Before or after the implementation?)

Actually given Facebook’s pogrom against all things conservative, I’m not sure why anyone who reads this blog regularly would still be using FB. Oh it is convenient to support the people working against your Constitutional Rights. Really? I hope you have a lot of luck with that.

You won’t find me on FB, and I’m on Twitter less and less, and have considered ditching it too. (Social media is a time-waster, and I waste enough time on this blog.)