Self-defense in Delaware

This is another case of knowing someone, and still being forced to defend yourself. Police: Homeowner shoots burglar breaking into Delaware home |

Actually, he was not “breaking in,” he had already broken into the home.

The homeowner went to investigate, after making sure it wasn’t one of his family members.

Police say being overly cautious, he grabbed a firearm and decided to investigate. And when he did, he found a person hiding and an altercation ensued and shots were fired.

The reaction of neighbors are confusing. One is “it is surprising,” and “they are such nice people.” What nice people can’t be forced to defend themselves? Another neighbor is all about “you have to defend your home.”

The guy who got shot is in critical condition. Oh, and he is someone known to the family, though not a family member. No other information was provided.

Everything is still under investigation, but to my way of looking at things, self-defense is a human-right.