Harvard Discriminates Against Asian Applicants

Because affirmative action, or something. Harvard and Affirmative Action

Either racial preferences are wrong, or they are not wrong. But it seems that Harvard’s take is that they are only wrong depending on who they hurt or help.

The Journal described what has happened: while alumni interviews tended to give Asian-American applicants the highest aggregate scores, Harvard’s admissions officers “assign Asian-Americans the lowest score of any racial group on the personal rating.” One could easily see if Asian applicants received only the second highest scores that it might simply be an inadvertent disparity. But when alumni interviewers give Asians the highest scores, and the university’s employees give them the lowest, it becomes difficult to believe anything other than someone in the administration has ordered lower scores.

So is Harvard saying that prejudice against Asians is OK? And whatever Harvard is trying to say, are other universities saying the same thing? [Hat tip Pirate’s Cove]

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  1. Please continue, Harvard. After a few more years of inclusive admissions, a Harvard degree will be worthless. And a two year tech degree from a junior college will be priceless.

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