97.8% of Mass Public Shootings Happen in Gun-free Zones

This study has been updated. It covers 1950, through data available as of May 24th of this year. UPDATED: Mass Public Shootings keep occurring in Gun-Free Zones: 97.8% of attacks since 1950

You should just go look at the images. You should also read the article, but I know it most will categorize it as TLDR. But you should read it. But here’s something that the Left will explode over.

The official FBI definition of mass public shootings excludes “shootings that resulted from gang or drug violence” or that occurred in the commission of another crime such as robbery. The reason for this is pretty obvious: the causes and solutions for gang shootings over drug turf are dramatically different than the types of mass public shootings that we see at schools and malls where the point of the attack is to kill as many people as possible.

But it is the official FBI definition.

The Hat tip goes to The Price of Liberty, and Nathan Barton’s Things to do to keep from getting shot. You should go read that too. (It’s a baker’s dozen of things, most of which are easy to do. And it is a good list!)

One thought on “97.8% of Mass Public Shootings Happen in Gun-free Zones

  1. I used “gun-free zone” in the title to the post, but the category is “defenseless victim zone.” The idea that they are gun-free zones in the absence of the controls you see at airports is wishful thinking on the part of the gun-hating Left.

    If they were really gun-free zones, how did anyone get shot? There would be no guns.

    The truth is, the only people disarmed are the law-abiding citizens, which makes them defenseless victims.


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