Amazon Is Getting on My Nerves More With Every Order

As I mentioned a while ago, I dropped Prime because the music (that was not included in their “unlimited” service) was not quite what I wanted. That and living without 2 day delivery is not the end of the world.

But it isn’t just that I’m not getting 2 day delivery. They are holding the orders. They aren’t holding the credit card charges. They are charging my card, and then NOT shipping the items for quite a while.

My latest order was placed on July 2nd. It still hasn’t shipped. (And yes everything was listed as “in stock,” and it is ALL from Amazon.) They didn’t charge my card on 2nd, they waited until the 7th, but they still haven’t shipped my goods.

This isn’t because they are SO busy doing other stuff. They just can’t help penalizing people who don’t see the value of Prime.

I used to TRY to order stuff from other vendors. But in the in words of Yoda, “There is no try.” So this will be the very last order I place with Amazon. “May they all crash and burn.”