Shootings in Baltimore – Worse than Chicago

Which is saying something given how much smaller Baltimore is. Police: 1 Killed, 1 Wounded In Shooting In Baltimore

There are 2 things that caught my eye about this story. The statistics, and the reaction of the people. First the statistics.

Our media partner The Baltimore Sun reports there have been 15 homicides in the first 10 days of July.

Hey Jackass has July 10 statistics for Chicago as 8 shot and killed, 11 total homicides for the month-to-date. With 68 shot-and-wounded. Baltimore seems to be putting in overtime to surpass Chicago.

But why are the people pissed that cops are investigating a shooting? The cops didn’t shoot either of these 2 people. Are they saying they don’t want cops to investigate? (Baltimore could save a whole bunch of money if that were true.) Arguably one person is in the hospital because police made “lifesaving efforts” to keep her alive. So what do they want?

A law enforcement officer told WJZ that police had to shut down several blocks when large crowds started to confront officers.

Would the crowds prefer the cops stay away, and that woman be dead? I’m not sure I want to see what that looks like if it comes to pass.