Patients in the UK Left to Pay For the Their Own Treatment

This isn’t supposed to happen in the UK, but it seems that NHS has “run out of other people’s money.‘The money has run out’ – health bosses’ admission as hip and knee patients denied NHS operations.

The rules are set so that doctors have to make an “exceptional funding request” to get hip or knee replacements for patients. But that has run into budgetary constraints.

The new study shows that while some local areas are rejecting around 18 per cent of hip and knee requests, others reject nearly all.

There is much hand-wringing on the part of various doctors, but the effectiveness of the operations isn’t the issue.

Julie Wood, chief executive of NHS Clinical Commissioners, the membership organisation for local health bodies, said: “The money has in effect run out, and CCGs have got to find ways of delivering greater efficiencies. [See the link for a definition of Clinical Commissioning Group]

This isn’t the only issue of rationing care under NHS. Hernia operations are currently denied until someone is in so much pain as to be unable to work. In a little bit of pain, or even a lot of pain? So what; go to work.

Cost comparisons of what a knee or hip replacement would cost in various European countries versus paying for it in the UK is pretty interesting.

So Health Care is paid for under the .gov budget. Except when it isn’t paid for. This past winter, the NHS had a ‘Crisis’ that caused them to cancel most routine surgery. Now hernia and joint replacements are being denied. I can’t wait until we have Socialized Medicine.

“Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher – 5 February 1976.

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