National Lampoon’s Animal House

Hard to believe Animal House is 40 years old. (July 28, 1978)

Did Bruce McGill really play the character of Daniel Simpson Day? Was he ever really that young? Stephen Furst, who played Kent Dorfman (or Flounder), passed away last year. (Though I will always remember him as Vir Cotto from Babylon 5.)

While some of the scenes from this movie are pure comedy gold, (one is below) I’m never really sure if I like this movie as a whole. I am certain it couldn’t be made today; it is too politically incorrect. But then I’m not sure it was meant to last.

And Because it is Saturday, song from the movie. (Though I never thought any of the soundtrack was that good.)


2 thoughts on “National Lampoon’s Animal House

  1. Oh, dear. 40 years ago. I was 24, not out of school long (between iterations), and saw it in a theater near a local college. Had to see it again to hear all the lines I missed.

    Classic? I’ll never forget it, and my wife and I still quote lines out of it to each other. Just this week, I used the line from that video (‘forget it – he’s rolling’) during a news story.

    Classic? Yeah. You bet.


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