Meanwhile in the Socialist Paradise of Nicaragua

This isn’t most informative article, but it does have a collection of incredible photos of what is happening. A Hundred Days of Protest in Nicaragua. Seriously, take your time with the photos.

Earlier this year government-backed paramilitary groups opened fire on student protests. Things have gotten worse from there, even though negotiations are ongoing.

Faith in the negotiations was severely undermined on June 17 when, hours after the first agreements were signed, a family of six were killed when their home was set on fire by police and paramilitaries, according to neighbors. The victims included an eight-month-old and a two year-old child.

On June 23, as police and paramilitary groups opened fire on the student-occupied University of Managua, a one-year-old boy, Teyler Lorío, was hit in the head by a stray bullet and died. His mother rejected government claims that protesters had caused his death, telling a local TV station, “He was killed by a police gunshot. I saw them. They were police.”

Also the faith in the negotiations is tested by the fact that the .gov isn’t doing the things they promised to do. (File that under “talk is cheap.”)

The government has accepted some demands, such as to allow the entry of international bodies such as the U.N. and the E.U. into Nicaragua and to disarm the paramilitary gangs, but protesters say they have not fulfilled their promises.

Cue “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who.