Cooperation Didn’t Stop This Guy From Trying to Shoot Clerk

The clerk was doing what he was asked to do, but the bad guy tried to shoot him anyway. Trigger sticks during armed robbery of Royal Farms.

As the suspect ordered the five patrons down on the floor, police said he struck one of them in the head with the handgun. He then pointed the gun directly at the clerk and demanded money from the store’s register.

DSP indicated that, while the employee was gathering the money, the suspect became agitated and pulled the handgun’s trigger. The weapon did not fire and, after eventually receiving an undisclosed amount of cash from the clerk, fled from the same set of doors in which he entered the store.

So this clerk wasn’t saved by cooperation; he was saved because of poor maintenance, or bad ammo, or blind luck. But not because he was doing what he was asked to do.

Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of any action on your part. You can cooperate. That’s a strategy. I think this incident indicates that it isn’t a very good strategy, but it may be your only option. Still, given that stuff like this happens on a regular basis – and often without the “luck” of a malfunctioning firearm in the mix – you might want to consider what other options you have.