Because There Isn’t Enough To Worry About

Researchers Developed Artificial Intelligence-Powered Stealthy Malware. Yeah, that’s just what we need.

AI has been marketed as a cure for malware. It can detect the signs of viruses, Trojans, et al and save the day. But the reverse is also true.

However, the same technology can also be weaponized by threat actors to power a new generation of malware that can evade even the best cyber-security defenses and infects a computer network or launch an attack only when the target’s face is detected by the camera.

To demonstrate this scenario, security researchers at IBM Research came up with DeepLocker—a new breed of “highly targeted and evasive” attack tool powered by AI,” which conceals its malicious intent until it reached a specific victim.

Coming to a state-sponsored hacking team interested in you soon. (The internet was fun while it lasted!)