NYPD Doesn’t Care If You Have a Stalker

They claim the case is closed – even though it appears they haven’t done anything. The NYPD must take the ‘dirty doorman’ case seriously.

The cops say “there is no evidence” because he used an app. Really?

A lawyer who specializes in revenge-porn cases, Daniel Szalkiewicz, tells The Post that he’s managed to subpoena TextMe (the app in question) for user info in the past. And a former prosecutor notes that Aviles also texted pics with his distinctive chest tattoo, which cops could also match.

The truth is, they just don’t give a damn about acquaintance rape. (NYPD denies this!) The sex-crime division is understaffed, and they really just don’t care.

I wonder if any of the 5 victims of this stalker (he was a doorman, he potentially had access to their apartments) asked for a concealed carry license in the NYPD would approve it? My guess is no. (Rely on the state for everything! Even when it has been shown that you can’t.)


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