Privacy Is Such a 20th Century Concept

“What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” Free Facial Recognition Tool Can Track People Across Social Media Sites

This tool was developed for ethical hackers, penetration testing, etc. The fact that it will facilitate spear phishing by anyone is just a side benefit.

I’m sure that black-hat hackers or stalkers won’t use this at all at all. Or will they?

However, since the tool is now available in open-source, anyone including bad actors or intelligence agencies can reuse facial recognition tech to build their own surveillance tools to search against already collected trove of data.

The press release about this tool states the following “benefits.”

  • Create fake social media profiles to “Friend” targets and then send them links to downloadable malware or credential capturing landing web pages.
  • Trick targets into disclosing their emails and phone numbers with vouchers and offers to pivot into “phishing, vishing or smishing.”
  • Create custom phishing campaigns for each social media platform, making sure that the target has an account, and make these more realistic by including their profile picture in the email. Then capture the passwords for password reuse.
  • View target’s photos looking for employee access card badges and familiarise yourself with building interiors.

I’m sure no bad actors are interested in any OPEN SOURCE tool with those capabilities! (The internet was fun while it lasted.)