What About When You Don’t Have Cell Coverage?

If you ever venture out of your urban enclave, you might come to a place where you don’t have cellphone service. Any service. Mother, son-in-law killed in fiery crash in Jasper National Park.

“We were trying to give all our efforts to save the injured and control the fire,” he explained. “The challenging part was there was no cell phone coverage. People were shouting to call 911.”

Because that is what they are trained to do. When that doesn’t work, they are at a complete loss.

Now I’m not saying that you need to become a HAM radio operator and install a 2-meter radio in your vehicle, or go the Citizens’ Band route either. But screaming at people who have no cellphone service that they should call 911 is not helping anyone.

And yes, Virginia, there exist places without cellphone service, not even 3G.


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