You Can’t Please Everyone

Are the Social Justice Warriors ever satisfied? (No. Their reason for existence is to be not satisfied.) Ruby Rose: Not Lesbian Enough for SJWs.

Australian lesbian actress/model Ruby Rose will be cast as the title character in Batwoman. You’d think the Left would be happy, but there’s no pleasing the Internet mobs of Social Justice Warriors:

But her bona fides are apparently not good enough for the whiners on the Left. She is apparently not lesbian enough. At this point, who the hell cares?

Some of the shows from the CW were fun when they started, but I haven’t seen any of them in some time. But then I haven’t seen any television in sometime. (I waste more than enough time on the internet!)

2 thoughts on “You Can’t Please Everyone

  1. She is too hot and slender for the Silly Juvenile Whiners. They want a fat, ugly lesbian to demonstrate equality for all deviants.


    • They have made watching TV mostly pointless. The shows spend more time on SJW BS than they do on the topic at hand. As I said somewhere else, it’s all good, since I waste enough time on the internet. I don’t need to waste time with TV.


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