The Linguistic Gymnastics of the 21st Century Media

My prediction: this is another story that will be buried by the national media. EX-BOYFRIEND EXECUTES MAN IN LONG BRANCH RESTAURANT, COPS SAY

In a nutshell… The ex-boyfriend kills the new boyfriend and tries to kill his ex-girlfriend. He defied a court order of protection in doing so (in addition to other several other laws). So how is it that a piece of paper – even one signed by a judge – didn’t stop a bad guy in his tracks? (Sarcasm is sadly under-utilized in this politically-correct era.)

A gun in the hands of one of these victims may not have saved them. Being armed in your own defense is a strategy, not a guarantee, but relying on “the system” is also not a guarantee. A court order. The cops. Even being in a public place (usually a good strategy against crime). None of that worked.

The linguistic gymnastics?

A man living in this country illegally…

Because it is not politically correct to say illegal alien. But what happened to undocumented immigrant? Is that no longer PC either? (Cue the defenders of Sanctuary Cities in three, two, one….)

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