Friday Link Roundups

We start with Clair Wolfe’s Friday Links.

  • A rural town banded together to build a hospital. A larger hospital — and the government — stopped them.
  • Social media’s opaque response to evidence of bias.
  • Theranos, the multi-billion unicorn that billed itself as a revolutionary blood-testing company is closing its doors, valued at nearly nothing. (You want to read a really good book about how easy it is to fool lots of smart people? Check out Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou, the WJS reporter who exposed Theranos and its cultish leader, Elizabeth Holmes.)
  • One percenters plan to ride out their doomsday in New Zealand. (Amusing that one of the scenarios of dread for rich Silicon Valleyites is “a French Revolution-style uprising targeting the 1 percent.”) (H/T MJR)

The Other McCain and In The Mailbox: 09.06.18. (Fixed the Broken Link!)

EBL: Burt Reynolds, RIP
Twitchy: Paul Krugman Fails High School Civics Again – Kavanaugh Illegitimate Because Trump “Eked Out A Win In The Electoral College”
Louder With Crowder: Egg, Meet Face – Cory Booker’s Release Of “Classified Documents” A Giant Ruse

Adam Piggott: Demanding That A Woman Do Her Job Is Bullying
American Power: Anand Giridharadas, Winners Take All, also, Laura Ingraham Rips Democrats’ Behavior At Kavanaugh Hearings

And much more at both links.