What Tool Would You Want in the Event of a Cougar Attack?

I think I would want a firearm, or at the very least, a large knife. Cougar attack suspected in hiker’s death near Oregon’s Mount Hood, officials say.

But that advice is beyond the pale for CBS in Oregon. Or maybe Oregon, in all its liberal glory forbids weapons in parks. (Why would you need to be armed in nature? Read this article.)

If in the very unusual event that a cougar attacks you, fight back with rocks, sticks, tools or any items available.

This is the sad story of a hiker killed on Mount Hood, by a wild animal. Or maybe it is a cautionary tale.

While this is the first fatal attack in Oregon, there have been fatal attacks in other states.

Although this is Oregon’s first documented fatal cougar attack in the wild, other states with large cougar populations have seen fatal attacks.

Three people have died due to cougar attacks in California, and 10 people have been attacked and suffered non-fatal injuries, according to state records. Colorado also has had three fatal cougar attacks.

Humans are only apex predators when we are armed. Fighting off a wild animal with rocks and sticks ignores millennia of our history. (Though we did start with sticks and rocks, that was a very long time ago.)


2 thoughts on “What Tool Would You Want in the Event of a Cougar Attack?

  1. Today’s OREGONIAN newspaper includes an item recounting the killing of a female cougar in the area. Since big cats are territorial, odds were good that this was the one who attacked the woman.

    Examination of the cougar shows that she was NOT lactating, which means she wasn’t defending her cubs. Maybe she was just in a bad mood; cougars are like that. And yes, it’s never “not a good idea” to carry defensive tools in the wilds … which include the mean streets of downtown Portland.


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