The Deep State – European Edition

The technocrats, who for years have been having their way running the European Union, and not happy. (Where’s my tiny violin?) Populist governments – who don’t like the EU are popping up all over. Italian government fumes at European Commissioner’s ‘little Mussolinis’ jibe.

So they insult Italy. To which the Italians take offense.

The attitude from some European commissioners is unacceptable, really intolerable. “They dare to say that in Italy there are many little Mussolinis, and that should not be permitted,” Mr Di Maio, the head of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, said.

“This shows how these people are totally divorced from reality. Our government has the strongest popular support of any in Europe yet this is how we are treated by European commissioners, who within six to eight months will probably no longer have jobs.

Because they have been free, over the past several decades, to ignore democratic elections in their quest for European unity – as they see it.

But they aren’t too popular in some circles.

Britain is leaving, and maybe not even on good terms. Hungary and Poland have been sanctioned, and I would not be surprised to see them leave the EU. But then I was surprised when Greece decided to stay in the EU.