Brett Kavanaugh Won’t Back Down

It takes a strong man to stand up to this kind of insanity. Innocent Man: Brett Kavanaugh Refuses To Back Down And Withdraw.

Political smears that are utterly false will often drive innocent people out, as they and their families do not want to deal with it any longer.

I was tempted to include “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty, and even more tempted to include “Won’t Back Down” by Fuel. (It is a much better song and video.) But I leave that you.

2 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh Won’t Back Down

  1. He make confirmation to day 6 October 2018,
    However, the the protests from the commie libturds will not stop.
    They may even try and kill him and his family in some way over the long haul.


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