Crime Doesn’t Just Happen in Other Kinds of Places

People think they are immune to crime because of where they live. They are wrong. Bossier’s Safest Neighborhoods Are Being Targeted by Criminals.

Many Bossier City residents may have been lulled into a false sense of security living inside our safest neighborhoods. Greenacres Place is certainly viewed as a secure and friendly place to live. But now we know we can all be at risk.

To the point where they are leaving keys in unlocked vehicles.

When my uncle and my cousin went hunting for elk, they didn’t stay in Illinois. They went to where there were elk. Why do you think criminals won’t be active in your neighborhood? It is too far? Unless you live in a gated community with serious security you are subject to crime. This is the Real World™ not some fantasy-land.

I’m putting this in the “Neighbors Were Shocked” category, because I’m sure they are surprised to find they can’t leave their keys in their cars.